Stephanie & Jessica Get Engaged!

When I received a call from Stephanie about photographing her proposal I was so excited! I was honest about having never shot a proposal before but I was confident I could deliver. Stephanie and I communicated over the next few weeks about location, time and importantly the weather. They would be coming down with family to celebrate the New Year and staying at an Air b&b. Everything was dependent on the rain that was in the forecast, the plan for Stephanie was to propose to her girlfriend on the dock.

On December 31st I drove down to the location to look for a place to hide. Conveniently there was some brush that had grown up close to the bank near the pier that was perfect. On January 1, 2021 we finally caught a break and it looked like the rain was going to stop for a few hours around two. That was our chance.

I was at the location and hidden away, the plan was to text Stephanie’s sister when I was ready. A little after two I heard Stephanie and her girlfriend Jessica walking outside. It was time! I think my heart was beating so loud you could almost hear it. I wasn’t nervous about getting the shot, it was the excitement of watching two people in love about to commit to a lifetime of togetherness and it was utterly heartwarming.

Stephanie and Jessica walked out to the pier and as soon as she knelt down I just starting shooting. It was so exciting to watch, you could see the joy on their faces. Jessica was so surprised! And of course she said YES!

Love is a beautiful thing.

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